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Your First Lesson

I am very fortunate to have taught many players from the beginning and the most important thing I stress in the start is posture, even with experienced golfers generally the flaws they have are caused by poor posture.

Proper golf posture helps to promote balance, this is something that all great players have regardless of which sport they choose to play, without good balance you will struggle to be consistent and your game will suffer. What I have noticed is that good posture can be brought around by setting up to the ball in the proper sequence.

Many players start the sequence wrong by placing the club behind the ball, standing too far away and all the weight shifts toward their toes which in turn can lead to an over-the-top swing move which will lead to pushed or pulled golf shots.

Next time you set up to the ball, keep the club off the ground, set the weight more in the middle of your feet and use your pelvic tilt to ground the club. You should then look to have your key balance points all in line, arm-pits, knees and toes, the same way you would lift something heavy from the ground.

You DO NOT want your weight on your toes.

This will help you to stay more grounded throughout the swing.

Give this a go next time you are on the range.

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