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Fake it till you make it

Giving a lesson this evening my student was complaining about the fact he was not confident, not enjoying the game and was just hitting far too many bad shots. Unfortunately this is also the case for so many golfers, after 10-15 shots we stopped to have a chat about his mental mindset, three things became apparent:

  1. They expected to hit every shot perfect.

  2. They admitted they are not a very confident person in general.

  3. They think/analyse everything with golf far too much.

At this stage I was reminded of articles and videos I have read and watched which all deal with these three issues, this is what we discussed:

  • No one will ever perfect the game and we have to have a more realistic target with the shot outcomes, the best players in the world have an acceptable miss and that's what we worked on technically. I also suggested having ambitious but realistic stat goals which gave focus and perspective to training and playing.

  • The title of the article is what we discussed, you don't have to be a confident person to act that way. The below video is from George Gankas Golf and he discusses questions he asks his best players. "If you were the best player in the world, how would you Act, Walk and Talk?

  • One of the best ways to be consistent is to have consistent thoughts, even when you hit bad shots don't start breaking down your swing. Try and get out of your head and enjoy the scenery and then come back to your shot. the swing you have will hit good shots and bad shots, if it's more good than bad then you are onto a winning action.

Hope this helps you to get better at your golf, not every change you mke has to be physical, having a better mental approach to the game can bring you great results.

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