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Know your stats, Improve your game

As golf coaches we are always trying to help players get better the problem is we have very limited information on how we can do that, the payer is responsible for giving us a snapshot of their recent games and downfalls which we then try to fix. Sometimes this works great and performance is lifted other times we continue to score even though we hit the ball better and this is because we have essentially fixed the wrong part of your game.

So how do we improve the student coach paradigm and work more efficiently and see better results quicker, its simple....stats! Knowing what you do on the course in competitions and then helping you to strategically plan your coaching and playing sessions will improve your game faster than any block of lessons you take. As golf coaches we want you to be your coach first and foremost.

There are many ways to collect stats, there are some great applications out for your smart phone the one I would recommend and use is an app called SpiderGolf, it offers both a basic and paid functionality with the paid service allowing you access to more statistics. If you are just getting started out then the basic functions will be a great start.

Other ways could be on a playing stat sheet, this is what I use for my students to help them see their game more visually and then we work together to improve on a weekly and monthly basis. Below is a picture of the sheet I use, if you would like a copy emailed to you send a message to

Stats sheet, apadted over time to give a detailed performance overview (adapted fromThe Golf Insider Performance Diary)

As you can see the top section of the sheet is very straight forward, this is the overview where you can put in your pars, birdies, up and downs etc.

Below we have our stat fairway, when playing or after the game mark down (with the hole number) where your tee shot finished, remember par 3's don't count on this stat.

After this we have the Greens in regulation stats table, in here place the club you used to approach the green with your regulation shot to each hole. If you hit the green under regulation (well done) but mark down the club you used. On the Green diagram mark where the ball finished with your regulation shot. It does not have to be on the green (i.e if its long mark it down as long)

The putting stats come last but not least, in here write down the length of your first putt on each hole and then in the other table write how many putts it took you to get the ball in the hole.

As golfers we tend to only like to reflect on our good rounds, chalking the bad rounds down to bad luck or poor conditions, yet if we look at every round statistically we will get a detailed overview of where your lessons and practice time should be focused.

Remember we are looking to get shots off the scorecard, look for the areas in your game that can improve and you will be amazed at how much better you can be.

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